The Super Bowl Ads: Now It’s The Cats’ Turn!


We reported last week on how Subaru is planning to spend the Super Bowl pitching their cars to dogs. Cats aren’t being neglected, though. In fact, they’re taking over one of the internet’s most sacred Super Bowl traditions. If you’re the type who watches the Super Bowl for the commercials, then you already know about the annual ADBOWL. It’s the service that rates the Super Bowl ads–which makes advertising companies nervous, since they’ve charged a lot of money to make a real impact. ADBOWL can really take the fun out of an agency scoring a spot on the most-watched football game of the year. This year, though, ADBOWL is having some fun by having their website also serve as the CATBOWL.

In a very daring match-up, viewers are now invited to do more than measure Super Bowl ads up against each other. Now the ads will also compete with that most beloved entertainment of the internet: the cat video. In even more earthshaking news, the CATBOWL is going to pit cat videos against each other. That’s right. Regardless of how the official Super Bowl ads do in competition, we’ll also find out which cat videos have ranked highest in the CATBOWL competition. The results are planned to be announced shortly after midnight on the night of the game. (That’s this Sunday, February 3rd.) Anyway, go to to get all the details from spokescat Percival Fluffy Face Von DuClaw III. You’ll also see some special Cat Edition cuts of recent Super Bowl ads, like this one….