Great Pet News! Veterinarians Take Over The Movies!


Heading out to see Monsters University at the local multiplex? How about World War Z, or Man of Steel? Don’t forget This is the End and Iron Man 3. Those very diverse movies all have one thing in common this weekend–that being an advertisement from the American Veterinary Medical Association. Yeah, we usually hate sitting through commercials before a movie, but this one really has our interest. Fortunately, we’re in one of the six major markets that are showing AVMA ad. (Those are Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, and Washington, D.C.)

But why is the AVMA advertising on the big screen?  Dr. Douglas G. Aspros–president of the AVMA–is glad that you asked:

The goal of the ad is to promote the veterinary profession to the public, and to highlight the many other things that veterinarians do beyond treating pet cats and dogs. We hope that this will help boost public awareness of the important role veterinarians fill in our society, and across the globe.

Well, good for them. The ad is also a way for the AVMA to celebrate their 150th anniversary. There’s also an interactive AVMA Smithsonian Museum exhibit that will premier in Chicago at the AVMA Annual Convention that starts on July 19th. Sadly, you’ll have to shell out for a movie ticket to see the ad–at least until some big veterinarian groupie bootlegs the commercial by taping it off the screen. The AVMA will probably put the actual ad up soon, but for now, here’s the teaser to the commercial. Yes, the commercial has a teaser. That’s some big-budget action right there…