Animal Rescue: Helping the Pit Bulls from the Auburn Dogfight Raid


In one of last week’s more depressing news stories, there were nearly 370 pit bull dogs saved after Federal agents raided a dogfight network operating through Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi. It’s even more depressing that the Feds were investigating for nearly three years to put the case together. We hate to think of all the dogfights that went on during that time.

The good news is that organizations are working together to give those dogs all new homes. It’s a great reminder of why we contribute to groups like the ASPCA, the American Humane Society, and local animal shelters. Of course, many of the dogs had serious injuries, and the ages of the rescued dogs ranged from mere puppies to much older dogs.

Twelve suspects were arrested, and we’re going to go ahead and think that they’re all the scum of the earth. We’re just saying that based on video of the dogs. The good news is that they all seem too old to be released and go on to NFL careers. We’re also angry to learn how much big money is involved in dogfights. The authorities claimed that people would bet up to six figures on the competing canines. The raid seized over a half-million dollars in cash, as well as some firearms and drugs.

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Rescue agencies came in from all over the South. That includes the Charleston Animal Society in South Carolina. This was also another case for the American Humane Society’s Red Star Animal Emergency team. The past two late-summers have kept them busy helping animals in areas hit by storms. This task isn’t any less grim, but we’re still glad that the Red Star team is around.

The baffling news is that the defendants are only facing up to five years, if convicted. The (even more) good news is that all those firearms and drugs might lead to additional charges. And the really good news is video like what we have below, where we’re reminded of the innate goodness of dogs as the volunteers are immediately greeted with love by the rescue volunteers. Take a look and feel better about animals, if not people…