August 16th – International Homeless Animals Day

homelss animal

This Saturday, August 16th, we bring to light a very important day of observance: International Homeless Animals Day. For over 20 years, ISAR (International Society for Animal Rights) has remained diligent in creating and promoting the International Homeless Animals Day across the world. How important is this organization? We have them to thank for bringing the term, “animal rights” into our lexicon.

This day of recognition has a very serious goal at its heart: To bring awareness of animal overpopulation, and to discourage euthanization through encouraging adoption of pets from animal shelters. They have spearheaded this cause since 1992, and you can participate in many ways.

Across this nation and even the world, humane societies and even private animal shelters hold events to promote adoption and care of our furry family members. Many of these events offer microchipping services, spay and neutering education and appointment setting, as well as adopt-a-thons for animals waiting for new homes. One event that is common for these events is a candlelight vigil that is in honor of all homeless animals and to remember those who have been killed senselessly due to overpopulation and a lack of good homes for them to enjoy.

There are many locations that are holding these events, so you can check out the ISAR’s event page to find a location near you. If you don’t have an event in your area, you can still head to a local shelter and find a new pet to bring home and make happy beyond measure. Or, take a friend or family member to the shelter if they’ve been talking about getting a new pet. What better day than today to do it?

If you’d like to participate in their candle vigil, you don’t have to attend a local event to do that. On ISAR’s page, there is a link to the 13th Annual Virtual Vigil. You can go there and light a candle in a virtual environment to show your support and care regarding this cause.

This is an issue that many of us animal lovers have near and dear to our hearts. We’ve seen the faces of these animals in shelters and in commercials, and we know that further education on the matter needs to be done for others. Do whatever you are able to help support this highly important day and message. Let’s stand together to bring a light to the issue of homeless animals everywhere.

Do you plan on attending an International Homeless Animals Day event?

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