GPH’s Top 5 Celebrity Animal Advocates

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give dog medication

A Spoonful of Sugar: How to Get Your Pet to Take His Meds

No one likes taking medications, and it can be much harder to get your dog to take his meds. After all, you cannot reason...
dog car sickness

Riding in Cars with Dogs: What to do if Your Dog Gets Car Sick

Motion sickness is a very common thing. If you're prone to it, you know  it can make your trip miserable. The same is true for...
Exotic Pets Fennec Fox

Exotic Pets You Didn’t Know You Could Own

Maybe you have allergies. Maybe you just went through a breakup and need to spice things up a little. Maybe you like attention. Whatever...
Pet Insurance

Should You Get Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is like car and health insurance. You might pay in for years and never need it, but if you need it, you...
Pet Stores that Sell Puppies

The Truth About Pet Stores That Sell Puppies

If you Google, “buying a pet from a pet store” or something similar, you will be faced with a barrage of search results with...
dog harness

New Hi-Tech Computer Program Aims to Aid in Dog to Human Communication

How many times have you ever wished that your dog could speak to you, and well, that you could actually understand? Probably more than...
pet Euthanize

When It’s Time to Say Goodbye: The Painful Choice to Euthanize

Unfortunately, due to much shorter life spans, we will likely bury a lot of pets in our lifetimes, but it never gets easier.  Many...
temperament testing

Temperament Testing

What is temperament testing? Temperament tests are a series of tests given to your dog to evaluate response to stimuli, strangers, and startling situations. This...
date like your pet

Should Your Date Like Your Pet?

Maybe the question is, does your date need to like your pet? The answer is an unequivocal yes. If your pet plays an important...

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