Here’s Cleo, The Puppy Saved By Vodka!


We’re not sure if there’s anything significant about this story coming out of Australia. Just enjoy the happy ending in this news report about 9-week-old puppy Cleo, who’d already had the misfortune of being given as a Christmas present. That’s just too disorienting for a puppy. Maybe that’s why Cleo was addled enough to lick up some antifreeze. She was soon turning away from food and suffering kidney failure. Cleo got lucky with a smart┬áveterinarian, though, who knew that alcohol was the best remedy for antifreeze poisoning. See, we did know that. Cleo was given an emergency infusion of vodka, and is now an internationally famous doggie. Good for her. And we don’t mean to be rushing to judgment over that Christmas present thing. Maybe Cleo’s owners were having a very quiet holiday celebration. Now, if you don’t mind, we feel the need to break into our bottom drawer and take some preventive medicine, in case we accidentally ingest antifreeze later on today…

Originally posted 2013-01-15 09:41:40.