Concerns to Consider Before Committing to a Pet Rescue

pet rescue

You’re not a monster if you don’t rescue a dog. If you should choose to spend more and buy a pure bred from a reputable breeder, you are entitled to that choice. In these cases, you ¬†have more information about where your dog came from, giving you more insight to his health and temperament. In many cases, you also have someone who should be considered an expert on the breed to help you and answer questions you may have. Often times, long relationships are established with breeders. This is a perfectly acceptable and sometimes preferable way to pick the right dog for you.

If you’re unsure about rescuing, here are some issues you should consider.

Committing to a Pet Rescue

You should bring your dog home for a trial period. You need to see how the dog adjusts to YOUR natural environment, including any family members, or people who might regularly be in and out of your home. If the dog has some behavioral issues, most likely stemming from fear, you may want to consider the time and effort it will take you to rehabilitate the dog. If you are not looking for a project, you need to choose your dog carefully. Many dogs in a rescue situation simply come from families who have relocated or have landlord issues. But sometimes, this is not the case and your potential dog might be facing some psychological issues that need to be dealt with in order for the dog to be happy. If you’re not in that position, reconsider.

Aggressive dogs will come from shelters. Most of them are not, but some of them are and because we’re compassionate humans, sometimes they are allowed to be adopted out, anyway, rather than euthanized. It is of course possible to rehabilitate these dogs, but only by a trained professional. These dogs deserve to be helped, too, but not at the expense of your own well being or that of someone close to you. When dogs attack, there is always going to be a strong population of people who advocate for their lives or even release. Be cautious of any dog who shows signs of aggression, even when your instinct is to help and protect.

Rescuing and buying is often the same thing. Many dogs still come from puppy mills. Granted, you do not want to support this buy buying from a pet store, who have relationships with puppy mills. But rescuing still means paying. There will be fees associated with your adoption, upwards to a few hundred dollars. You must also remember to get your pet thoroughly checked by a vet and be prepared for possible medical expenses you did not anticipated.



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