A Dog’s Coat: Keeping It Healthy for Fall–and What That Shedding Means Now!


Is your dog shedding hair more and enjoying it less? Or you think the dog will be enjoying it less, since the pooch doesn’t seem to realize that winter is coming? Well, don’t be worried about that. It’s actually perfectly normal for a dog’s coat to go through a serious shedding period at the start of fall. All of that hair we swept up in spring was their winter coats. That new summer coat has to also be shed. You’re going to really notice this if you have a dog with an undercoat.

That’s the extra layer of insulating hair on a shepherd, or collie, or maybe a sheltie. All of that undercoat has to go for a new one, too. (This is actually a good place to recommend the Furminator brand–which we originally dismissed because of the as-seen-on-TV marketing. Turns out the Furminator line is amazing at taking care of an undercoat.) Of course, some dogs shed throughout the year, and others barely shed at all. We keep meaning to get the kind that don’t shed.

And, of course, we’ll give you something to worry about by noting that there still is such a thing as excessive shedding. Sometimes, shedding is brought about by parasites or allergies. Keep an eye on that. Also make sure it’s not a matter of nutrition. This is usually when we break out the fish oil as a dog food topping. This will help out skin moisture, take care of itching from the changing seasons, and help create that shiny new coat. It can also give you a head start on the end of shedding for winter.

You can also join the many people who think we’re excessive in a few other things we use to maintain our dog’s coat and skin. We’ve already brought ou the cool mist vaporizer to run in the kitchen at nights near the dogs’ beds. Keeping moisture in the air is good for the skin of everybody in the house. You want it to be a cool mist, too. Steam isn’t so great for your dog, unless you’re adding oils to some boiling water. Yes, we’ve tried that, too. Call us crazy, but our dogs have lush coats for winter. And we know they’re not crazy if they keep shedding some of it around the house for a while.