Dr. Armond, Canine Plastic Surgeon Is Not Real [VIDEO]


There was some seriously outraged muttering on this morning’s New York City subway lines. People had begun to notice the above ad for Dr. Armond, Canine Plastic Surgeon. “Is your dog a total ‘dog’?” asked the headline. To the left, you’ll find this inspirational quote from Dr. Armond: “You wouldn’t buy an ugly sofa; you wouldn’t talk to an ugly person. I only hire very attractive people and my third wife is one of the most beautiful people I know.” Actually, we’re thinking a lot of people were too outraged to read that quote. That would’ve given them a better idea of what to expect if they actually visited PuppyLift.com.

Yes, that link will take you straight to the website for the cable network Comedy Central–where Dr. Armond seems to be a character from the upcoming Kroll Show. In fact, that  link takes you straight to the Dr. Armond sketch below, which is pretty funny. Once you get past the outrage. And there’s good news for people out in California, too. You can get your own chance to get suckered with the Dr. Armond billboards, as captured by Adweek.com. Personally, we think that Dr. Armond is a little more believable as a Los Angeles creation–but we heard folks on the subway that wouldn’t agree with us.

Originally posted 2013-01-14 15:42:05.


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