Exotic Pets You Didn’t Know You Could Own

Exotic Pets Fennec Fox

Maybe you have allergies. Maybe you just went through a breakup and need to spice things up a little. Maybe you like attention. Whatever the reason, it’s totally acceptable to own a reasonable exotic animal in the US. You can’t go and get a Bengal Tiger, but there are plenty of unusual options for pets. Don’t expect them to cuddle in your bed like Fido, but if you’re looking for something a little different, check out these options, as first reported by CBS news recently:

Exotic Pets you can own

Name: Capybara

Country of Origin: South America

What is it: If you want to gross out your guests by telling them that you have a 140 lb rodent, adopt this furry friend. They live for 8-12 years.

Name: Serval

Country of Origin: Africa

What is it: This wild cat is as close to a tiger as you’re going to get. When it comes to catching prey, this is among the deadliest wild cats in existence. So uh…this will be your only pet.

Name: Wallaroo

Country of Origin: Australia

What is it: A mix between a kangaroo and a wallaby, these are super cute and live for 15-20 years! It’s smaller than a kangaroo but bigger than a wallaby, so you’ll need some space.

Name: Sugar Glider

Country of Origin: Australia, New Guinea, Indoneisa

What is it: This pet is as cool as it sounds. It’s a tiny marsupial, meaning it carries its even tinier young in a pouch. It kind of resembles a rat, but much cuter. Careful of his claws, though. Ouch.

Name: Bearded Dragon

Country of Origin: Australia

What is it: This reptile is super cool because of it’s name of course, but also because he can change color according to temperature or in order to display male dominance. Also, his beard expands when faced with another male (men–they seem to be the same in any species, huh?)

Name: Fennec Fox

Country of Origin: Northern Africa

What is it: The fennec fox is a tiny fox. He’s got the face and tail of a fox and the body of a rabbit, including the ears. This guy is small, but he is an amazing hunter, using his giant ears to listen for prey in the wild, even underground. He’s actually super cute and appears to be cuddle-worthy, but proceed with caution.

Check out CBS news for a full list. And remember, each state has their own laws regarding exotic pets, so be sure to do your homework.

Do you wish to own any exotic pets? If so, which ones?

Image: iStockPhoto