Great Pet News! Aspiring Guide Dog Saves Trainers’ Lives!


Yesterday’s Video of the Day featured a dog saving dogs. Now we have Great Pet News about a dog saving his trainers! The saga begins with Danielle Alvarado of San Rafael, California–who works as a dog trainer for an organization called Guide Dogs for the Blind. She’s currently training a guide dog named O’Neill in the organizations ten week program. Danielle is blindfolded as O’Neill guides her, with another sighted person walking behind to ensure the dog is doing a good job.

Last Monday’s lesson was walking in a straight line along the curb. O’Neill had performed his task well two times already, but on the third time, he proved his smarts as he saved Danielle’s life. You can watch as O’Neill, Danielle, and the secondary trainer are about to round the corner of building, before O’Neill hears something and turns his head. The dog is supposed to be looking straight. O’Neill’s alertness has the secondary trainer snapping his head back as well.

Much to the secondary trainer’s surprise, there is a car moving at a high speed in reverse on the sidewalk towards the three of them. The secondary trainer grabs Danielle’s back and pushes her around the corner, to safety, as the car speeds past onto the next street. Thanks to O’Neill, Danielle and the secondary trainer are still here to tell the story.  Or narrate the video. Anyway, we have a pretty good feeling about O’Neill’s future as a guide dog…