Great Pet News! Taking Care of Pets In Moore, Oklahoma!


As it turns out, June is National Pet Preparedness Month–but the people of Moore, Oklahoma had to be prepared a lot earlier than that. The town was hit hard by a tornado last week, and we’re looking at some of the folks who’ve come in to help take care of the animals there. We’ve already seen video of one lucky dog who survived a house falling apart around him. Now here’s a roundup of the companies and charitable group that have moved into Moore to help homeless animals.

We’ll go ahead and plug Hill’s Pet Nutrition for their Hill’s Disaster Relief Network. The group was working from Moore from within two hours of the tornado first touching down. The company is providing pet food, reasonably enough, but is also bringing in other supplies. Like many companies, they’re working closely with the Tulsa Humane Society–since that’s the closest city to Moore. Hill’s Disaster Relief Network doesn’t take in donations, and is using their brand to encourage donations to is encouraging individuals who would like to aid in the disaster relief to make donations to the Tulsa Humane Society at You can follow the Hill’s group at their Facebook page

Moore is also getting assistance from the American Humane Association‘s Red Star program. Sponsors include the Mars Petcare US group, with the makers of Sheba, Whiskas, Pedigree, and other popular pet foods helping to sponsor the famed Red Star Animal Emergency Services. The Red Star team is also getting support from Miranda Lambert’s MuttNation Foundation, and the veterinarian pharmaceutical company Zoetis.

The ASPCA is working with several agencies, including the Central Oklahoma Humane Society, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, and the animal-rescue group Code 3 AssociatesLocal pet owners searching for a lost cat or dog also have access to the Oklahoma City Lost & Found Pets Site. The problem with this kind of roundup is that we’re certain to be leaving plenty of people out–but we’re still happy to have even this much of a list of animal charities that are currently being depleted. We’ll always support our local charities, of course, but sometimes you need to reach out to the charities that are reaching out to places that have been hit especially hard.