Handmade Dog Food! Why Didn’t We Think Of That?


We knew a fashion model who insisted on feeding her dogs freshly-grilled chicken cutlets for dinner every night. That seemed a little extreme at the time. Today, however, we’re getting awfully paranoid over pet food recalls and other health issues. Suddenly, homemade (and handmade) dog food seems like a pretty good idea. Fortunately, you don’t have to face the challenge alone. This video showcases the Canadian company Evive. It’s kind of fun to watch the Evive kitchen come up with food that’s a lot more likely to truly be completely balanced for your dog.  (Their website is fun to visit, too.) More importantly, this video includes a lot of infomation about what’s really vital to your dog’s diet–even if you’re not quite ready to invest in buying the dog an Evive dinner every night. We’re still impressed that Evive dog food is fit for human consumption. Frankly, we’re more tempted to give it a try ourselves. We couldn’t say that for the holistic pet food.  We also like that Evive has a dog hanging around the kitchen. That’s a lucky little guy. Anyway, check out this video for some great nutritional insight–even if you’re like us and not ready to slave over a hot stove for your dog. We wouldn’t even do it for a fashion model.