London’s Classiest Dog Dies In Tragic Accident


You’d have to be a bit of an Anglophile to know about Tatler magazine and their beloved mascot Alan. In the UK, Tatler is a name on par with Vanity Fair here in the States. Tatler‘s a little more dashing, though, and also laid back enough to have a lovable dachshund running around the offices. The adventures of Alan–owned by editor’s assistant Jennifer George–were chronicled via the magazine’s Facebook and Alan’s own Twitter feed. Our favorite was the time Alan got his snout stuck in a yogurt container. Sadly, Alan passed away this past Monday in a tragic accident. (Here’s one of his many obituaries from his fellow journalists.) The beloved figure was being taken out for a walk when he suddenly bolted while leaving the revolving door outside the Tatler building. Alan was badly injured by the door. Despite the efforts of a local fire brigade, Alan passed away. We hate to think of how quiet the Tatler offices must seem this week. We also hate to think of Alan dying as a cautionary tale, but it’s safe to say that he passed away as a legend of British journalism.

Originally posted 2013-01-16 08:00:14.