Make a Pet Health Plan for your Furry Friend


For many of us, our pet’s health is a top priority. We want to give them the best in pet nutrition, pet grooming and pet care. It is important to take a proactive approach in the care of your pet and their well-being. Creating a health plan for your furry friends will help you keep organized and make sure you are addressing all aspects your pet’s health.

Always be sure to do your research when selecting a veterinarian. The internet is very useful for this type of research, online reviews are easy to find. If you cannot find any reviews online for a veterinarian you may want to find one that does have positive online reviews. Ask your veterinarian nutrition question such as:

1. Is there a food that is best for the breed of my animal?
2. Are there supplements that are recommended for our lifestyle? (ie active, outdoors, porch dog, hunting)
3. How much do you recommend I feed an animal this size?
4. What are healthy treat options for my pet?

You may need to try a few different brands of food until you find one that meets your pet’s needs. Remember that anytime you switch food, do so over a period of 1-2 weeks. This method assures that your pet does not get an upset stomach from the change.

Another important aspect of caring for your pet is grooming. You may choose to pay for a professional groomer or you can groom your pet at home. Either way, be sure to research grooming products the same way you would nutrition products. Try to look for products with natural ingredients. Reading ingredients when selecting all items you use on your pet is important.

Another important tip for pet owners is to keep a record of the information you gather in your research and trips to the veterinarian. This notebook can act as your record of your pet health plan. Make notes about vet trips, different foods you have tried, illnesses, vaccines, trips to the park and any other notes relating to your pets activities and health. Documenting as much as possible about how you care for your pet will make for more productive vet visits and help you to refrain from buys products with ingredients that have not worked well for your pet in the past.

Make conscious decisions about the care of your pet always do your research. It is best to ask questions first and avoid giving your beloved pet something that may be harmful. Ask your veterinarian, talk to your groomer, ask your pet sitter to keep notes while you are away and keep all of the notes you collect in your notebook. Be sure to start a conversation with other pet owners about pet nutrition products and pet health. Happy planning!

Photo courtesy of Randy Pertiet via Flickr (CC BY 2.0).

Originally posted 2011-09-29 21:06:07.