Pet Obesity: The First Lady Comments, And Sonny the Cat Scares Us Straight [VIDEOS]


It’s a big day for pet obesity! For starters, Michelle Obama gave us a pretty big surprise when the First Lady took the time to address the topic during her first Google Hang Out. That’s a streaming video chat where important figures hang out with normal folks and field questions on important issues. The First Lady was putting her usual emphasis on the importance of children keeping physically fit. Then she made pet obesity a national issue just by noting that the Obamas encourage their children to take the First Dog out for walks.

Dogs are no different. You want to make sure they are eating a balanced diet, and if they are not an active dog, make sure that their food is reflective of an inactive dog, and then get them out there and throw that ball and get them running.

Then she added that it’s okay to “worry about every member of our family.” That must make her dog Bo feel pretty good. As we recently reported, not every dog gets to be considered as a member of the family. She probably means it, too, but you can judge for yourself…

Michelle Obama might still be overshadowed by another breaking story in pet obesity. Sonny the 27-Pound Cat has been sent out to become an internet sensation–and, in the process, is supposed to become a spokescat for the prescription Hill’s Science Diet brand. Sonny is supposed to be the poster cat for a food that reportedly changes an animal’s actual metabolism. That’s pretty important for the reason that Michelle Obama mentioned. If you have a pet that’s inactive–whether it’s a dog or cat–you have to feed your companion a diet that considers that lack of activity.  that changes an animal’s metabolism for a steady and healthy weight-loss program.

That’s why we’re hoping that Hill’s Science Diet will be perfect for Sonny. He doesn’t have any real health problems. The poor guy just can’t get much exercise because he’s been so seriously overfed. He’s simply overweight because of overfeeding and lack of exercise. Check out this informative and fun video as veterinary technician Rhonda Hafen tries to get 4-year-old Sonny back into fighting shape. He’ll need to be in good shape if he ends up going home with animal lover Sharyn Maughan–who already has two Great Danes at home. Enjoy the sight of Sonny getting cuddled and healthy–and let’s hope Sonny gets in shape to go meet those two dogs. That should make for some great video, too…