How Pets Can (and Do) Improve Your Health

improve your health

We bring pets into our lives for many reasons. Many of us have a soft spot in our heart for those eyes, a wag of the tail, the deep purr in our ears and many other heartwarming aspects of our pets. We may also be motivated by the need to see animals thrive in a loving environment where they were previously in a very harsh one. No matter the reason, pets can – and often do – improve your health just as much as we improve theirs.

A Cure for Loneliness

It doesn’t take an “expert” with a bunch of letters behind their name to know that pets make sure that we are never alone, and even entertain us enough to dispel any loneliness that we may experience in life. Our pets’ character and engaging way that they show us love never leave room for doubt that they are there with us through thick and thin. Have you ever noticed that when you need a little extra attention, they are always right there at the right moment? Never forget or take for granted how in-tune your pet is to your moods, so let him in and bring some dose of joy to your life in the moment.

A Great Exercise Partner

Granted, this is mostly geared towards dogs for this section, but it is worth a mention. While we may be tempted to skip a walk or run for the day, having a dog around to tag along for the outdoor exercise is always motivational, and serves a dual purpose. Not only are you getting the exercise you need with a fun companion, but your dog is also getting some needed exercise to help keep him healthy and get rid of any excess energy that may be pent up. It really is a win-win situation where both of you reap the health benefits.

We’ve all heard the stories in the news, too, about pets (both cats and dogs) that appear to be so in-tune to their human owners that they even help out in medical emergencies. From dogs that can sense when his owner is about to have a seizure, to cats who love on their owners so much that they find the will to work harder to get out of their own health crisis, many pets have a natural inclination to want to be there for us as much as we want to be there for them. If you have room in your life for one more pet, be sure to go to your local humane society or animal shelter, and find a new companion to make your health better as you improve his health, as well.