Hope for Pets with Spinal Injury….?


On Today.com they reported promising news about an experimental drug that could help dogs recover from spinal injuries and prevent paralysis.  The drug Illomostat is undergoing testing by researchers at Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and University of California, San Diego. It’s a three year study funded by the US Department of Defense.  The researchers believe that this drug also has potential to help people who may suffer from spinal injuries, including military personnel.  Unfortunately, the drug would not help those dogs with old injuries – in order to work it would need to be administered quickly after the resulting injury.

Until the drug is approved, doggie wheelchairs will continue to be an option for those pets with paralysis.  Most dogs adjust quickly and easily to their new wheels, and pet guardians can feel good that a decent quality of life is still available for their pet. You can find several different wheelchair brands online, also known as “dog carts” or “canine carts”.  Some are better known for their ability to customize solutions for a particular animal, requiring multiple measurements, while others are simpler to fit to your pet.  More commonly seen are the wheelchairs that support the hind end, but there are also wheelchairs for dogs with amputated front legs, or that require other front leg support.  Wheelchair options exist for quadriplegic dogs also.  Regardless of your dog’s wheelchair needs, the wheelchair can be expensive, though some companies provide rentals as well as financial support.  Companies such as Eddies Wheels, K9 Cart, Doggon Wheels and Walkin’ Wheels offer varying wheelchair solutions that may be right for your pet.


Photo:  Courtesy of jimnista via Flickr (CC by 2.o)  

Originally posted 2012-02-23 01:17:14.

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