Great Pet News: Purina Dog Chow Brand Turns Pets Into Trash Cans!


We might be missing the point behind these ads for Purina Dog Chow, but we’re trying to decide if we want a trash can that looks like a dog. The images in the Purina ads sure look pretty cool–but also kind of disturbing. And don’t think we’re getting away from the important message behind the ads, which look like this:

Dog Chow print ad trash can 1

But we can’t stop pondering how cool it would be to have a trash can like this:

Dog Chow print ad trash can 4

Anyway, this print campaign for Purina Dog Chow Dog Food is from the Publicis ad agency and designer Cristhian Ramírez, who’s based out of Colombia. It’s certainly thought-provoking–even if as more of a PSA than as a dog food ad. Oh, we’ll remember the Dog Chow name. That’s actually pretty impressive, since it’s difficult to think of a more generic dog food name than Dog Chow. Still, we’ll also give some thought to how selfish we might be by sharing our coveted people food with our pets. Yes, it gives us a great feeling, but are we really doing what’s best for the animals in our lives? Or are we slowly harming them while thinking of ourselves as great pet owners?

Dog Chow print ad trash can 2

Also, please consider that our pets have eyes that are really good at looking cute and pleading. Maybe not every dog and cat is like that. We’ve met a lot of dogs and cats, though. We’re pretty sure that’s almost a universal trait.

We’re not going to pretend that Purina Dog Chow is some kind of healthy alternative, either. The main ingredient seems to still be corn. There’s nothing nutritional about that. It also serves up plenty of poultry by-products, which is a nice way of saying “slaughterhouse remnants.” We’re not saying that Purina Dog Chow is the worst thing out there for your dog–but we’re not sure our pets wouldn’t be better off being served leftovers. Anyway, the company is certainly inspiring some healthy thoughts, and that must really be what matters…