Purina Pro Plan P5 App (Pssst: It Works With Other Dog Foods) [VIDEO]


We’re okay with some of the Purina Pro Brand dog foods. Others are pretty bad. None of them are as good for your dog as the Purina One canned brand. Still, we don’t think there’s any implicit endorsement made in plugging the new Purina Pro Plan 5 App, which is a pretty swell training program for your dog. It doesn’t legally obligate you to feed your dog Purina Pro Brand. The app does, however, provide a great training program that’s surprisingly serious. You’re really being asked to commit a lot of time with your dog. That’s our kind of app. Did we mention it’s free, too? That’s really our kind of app–especially since it’s made for iPods, iPads, and iPhones.

The official Purina website includes a page of preview videos that already makes for both a fine primer and a guide on how to return to the basics of training your dog. Our biggest problem so far with the Pro Plan 5 App is that it kind of assumes that you have easy access to a football field or a golf course. Urban dog owners may find it to be frustrating. The app is still loaded with an awards program and tight schedule that makes for the closest some of us will ever get to hiring a professional dog trainer. Of course, a professional dog trainer would also put in the training hours. That’d be nice–except we’d only end up being jealous of someone getting to spend all that time with our dog. Probably best to just go with the app. In the meantime, check out the video below for a detailed teaching of the “Down” command…