Refurb the Cat: Instant Internet Star and Philanthropist! [VIDEO]


Meet the lovable Refurb the Cat–who used to be a simple three-legged kitty who just happened to have made a funny face when her owner took her picture. As these things go, the photo of the cat (with a dog named Tycho in the background) then ended up on the internet. Photos tend to do that nowadays. Eventually, the picture was then posted on That’s a site where people share photographs. It’s okay to go there. Imgur has a front page for its most popular pics. Refurb made it to the main page, where her owner discovered the picture. “Hey,” said the owner, “that’s my cat.”

He thought that was funny enough to post something about it on the forums at There are some awful things at SomethingAwful. We can’t recommend that you go there. But there must be some pretty nice folks at SomethingAwful, because a fellow reader at the site talked about how he’d gladly play to have a Refurb autograph. Hardy-har-har. Refurb’s owner then joked back that Refurb would sign an autograph in return for proof that the interested party had donated $10 to his local animal shelter.

refurb the cat autograph

Well, that worked out well. It turns out that a lot of people want Refurb’s autograph. Her owner calls it a “Refurbograph.” Who can blame him? Anyway, that was all just about a week ago. Since then, Refurb has generated over $1,300 for animal shelters and animal rescues all over the world. Refurb has been busy inking her pawprint, too. (Don’t worry–her owner is using “washable non-toxic ink from the kid’s section of a nearby craft store,” and is making sure Refurb isn’t licking on her printable paw.)

There are plenty of ways to contact Refurb’s owner–for example, through Refurb’s Youtube channel. You can also see plenty of Refurb videos there, like the one below of Refurb scratching her phantom limb. (She was trampled by a horse as a kitten.) The owner has gone through the trouble of printing up special  postcards to preserve Refurb’s autograph, so a donation might also help to make up more of those. You can get the straight story through this sequence of photos, but let’s first enjoy Refurb in real action…