Subaru Is Pandering To Us With Super Bowl Ads–And Offering Cool Stuff [VIDEO]


It seems like just yesterday (hey, it was!) that we were worrying about how the Super Bowl was going to affect our pets. Now it looks like the dogs will at least have something to watch. Subaru just released a batch of Super Bowl teasers featuring the character of Grant Weber. He’s a Subaru canine Sales Associate. He sells Subaru vehicles to dogs. The car company seems really serious about courting the dog-owning audience, too. The company will be launching a Facebook page that really does let your dog have a say in buying a Subaru. You’ll be able to enter the breed, weight, and some lifestyle details about your dog. Then the Subaru Dog Matchmaker will identify a fitting model for the dog. You can also get your dog a driver’s license. A fake one. That’s a little less useful.

This all seems driven by some marketing info that shows Subaru drivers are two times more likely than the average car owner to have a pet. The company’s further embracing our crowd by partnering with  MapMyFitness to continue the MapMyDOGWALK mobile application.  That’s an app that provides dog owners with access to a geo-mapping application that allows users to track and store their daily walking routes in an online database. And, to quote the press release, “users also have access to a searchable database of millions of routes across the globe, fitness calculators, dog event listings, and a dynamic social network of healthy and active individuals and their four-legged friends.” Well, it’s nice to be pandered to, and we have to say that these teasers are pretty fun, too…