THROWBACK THURSDAY: Dinah Serves Up Gravy Train!


Well, we started this with a¬†Chuck Wagon¬†commercial, so now here’s a spot for the beloved Gravy Train brand. There were plenty of ads to choose from, too. Gravy Train kept serious television presence over the decades. There were two different campaigns in 1979–one featuring a touching theme song and the other being a little more comical. We’re going with the comical. Which, of course, means a talking dog from those special days before computer-generated animation.

Enjoy the fun as a dog gets fed some peanut butter before having a lovably dopey voice dubbed onto the soundtrack. There’s also a moment that’ll shock you as you realized that Macaulay Culkin stole this dog’s act! (Just kidding; we don’t even think Macaulay was around in 1979.) We also like the old-fashioned diner, along with the “Dinah” gag–and a big finish that made sure plenty of animals earned their bones that day.

Enjoy the video, and you might want to click on through to the YouTube comments. The original copywriter for the spot drops in and mentions some background info. We’re hoping it’s not the same guy who wrote that sappy Gravy Train jingle. That one’s pretty painful. Be glad we spared you…