Throwback Thursday Video: Purina Cat Chow (Chow Chow Chow!)


You know those commercial jingles that get stuck in your head for days at a time? They tend to have an overwhelming influence over people . That’s why advertisers and marketing companies continue to use those evil little songs. Well, if you were alive during the 1970’s, you can’t forget ¬†when the ringing phrase of “Chow, Chow, Chow” resounded through the country. The culprit, of course, was this Purina Cat Chow commercial.

American actress and singer Patsy Garrett was the face of Purina Cat Chow way back then. People loved to watch her (and a carefully edited cat) cha-cha-cha over the chow-chow-chow. (And we’re happy to report that Patsy–who was a radio star back in the ’30s–is still alive and well!)

This isn’t the most emotionally poignant commercial, but it’s reminiscent of a time when life was simpler and cats could dance. For anyone who remembers the commercial from forty-some odd years ago, we’re sure you can recite the entire script word for word. Seriously, from “Come here kitty, chow chow chow!” to the Mexican mariachi band music. For some Throwback Thursday nostalgia, check out this vintage commercial–but we could do without the catch phrase catching on again….