Tonik the Human-Faced Mutt Is Going Viral! (And Is Ready To Be Adopted)


The saga of Tonik the Poodle/Shih Tzu mix began with a simple posting on The staff of Petfinder sure didn’t seem to think they were on to something weird. In fact, the posting was about as straightforward as you can imagine:

It took other people to look at Tonik’s profile and say, “Wha’ the…? Does that dog have a human face!?!?”

And, yes, it certainly appears that Tonik does have a human face. At least, as far as the internet is concerned. Tonik–who mostly looks like a human when you see his face as a thumbnail on your computer screen–has captured the imagination of New York hipsters. Maybe they just want to mock a dog who’s waiting patiently for an owner in Mishawaka, Indiana. In fact, that seems to be the case. Just check out a few of the comments in this article about Tonik from the always-snarky

“He’s really a flying monkey with his wings removed. That’s also why he looks so dejected and embarrassed.”

“You would think they would just put the mutt down.”

“Poor thing. Still, pretty darn creepy the human resemblance.”

Tonik has his defenders, though. (“What a cool dog! I hope he finds a home soon.”) And it looks like Tonik is getting the last laugh as his ridiculed looks begin to get support from pet-lovers all around the internet. In fact, we’ll be very surprised if we’re not posting a follow-up article soon on how Tonik has set the local record on applications from would-be owners. Only problem is that you have to be a local to actually be allowed to adopt Tonik. We’re still pretty sure that there are a lot of Midwestern dog lovers who are ready to drive over to Mishawaka and stretch the shelter’s definition of “local.” And all those snide New Yorkers can just keep twirling their ironic bears that will never grow out to be as plush as Tonik’s fabulous facial hair. Or fur. Whatever you want to call it. Fact remains that Tonik is pretty darn cute. And he has more admirers than any band from Brooklyn.