Video of the Day: Birthday Gal June Lockhart for Gravy Train!


Yes, we’ve already looked to Gravy Train commercials for retro fun. Today’s is about June Lockhart, though–who’ll be turning 88 years old on June 25th! That might not mean much to the young folks, of course. Older readers will be happy to know that the mom from Lost In Space is still around. And even older readers will adore June Lockhart as one of the original Television Moms on the old Lassie series. She was on the show from 1959 to 1964, after she replaced Cloris Leachman. And, like Cloris, June is still working hard, too.

You can be sure that the folks at the Gravy Train ad agency were thinking of Lassie when they booked June for this commercial. Of course, June is being thoroughly modern in this commercial from…well, either 1974 or 1976. We’re nor sure. We do know, however, that Gravy Train is basted for a meaty taste–and, of course, it can make its own gravy. Let’s listen to June tell us more…