Video of the Day: Vain Cat Entranced By Mirror!


We don’t want to shock anybody, but we are of the opinion that cats can be very vain. Self-absorbed, even. We speak from some experience, too. We have had several cats who seem to believe that they are the center of the universe. We’re sure that many of you have selfless cats who are always concerned with making sure that their owners are doing okay. The cats probably are careful to never jump in your lap if you seem busy, and patiently wait for you to finish eating before they bother you about any of their daily meals. We just haven’t been fortunate enough to get one of those kinds of cats.

Our cats are more like this very vain specimen who seems completely entranced at the idea of its own reflection in a mirror. And, of course, all of the action is terribly cute, which is why we don’t mind our cats being so, um, internally focused. That’s just part of their charm–and you’ll probably agree after watching this charming display…