W. “Mittens” Bloomfield: Cat Food Critic & Advertorial Shill (for a Good Brand)


We’re not in a hurry to endorse any particular cat food brands here–although we don’t mind discussing the Purrfect Bistro brand as some quality cat food. It’s a new product line that replaces the Merrick Pet Care’s Before Grain brands. It’s still low in grains, and there’s quality packaging that protects your cat’s health. All of the ingredients are wholesome. The brand proudly notes that there’s no content from China. Our only real concern is that the brand usually offers plenty of carbohydrates–which are fine for most kitties, but not ideal for cats with diabetes or kidney problems.

But who cares what we think? The marketing geniuses at Merrick have created a proper cat critic to advocate for the Purrfect Bistro brand. W. “Mittens” Bloomfield will likely get a lot of attention at TheCatCritic.com, too. There’s a major ad campaign at work, and you’ll be seeing Mittens featured in lots of outlets. Maybe you should only trust him as much as you’d trust any shill who’s being funded by the company that he’s reviewing. The ad campaign is certainly playing it fast and loose with the facts, with a bio that claims that Mittens “reviews have been featured in The New York Times.” Actually, the company just bought an ad in the Dining section–which is still pretty cool.

W. Mittens Bloomfield cat critic i

And we’ll admit that it’s pretty fun to read Mittens’ reviews–both of them, so far, but we’re sure that there will be more. Here’s a sampling of his florid prose:

Let us begin with the Beef Wellington. “REAL DEBONED MEAT” was the description on the label, much as “big rock” might be the description of Mt. Everest. Chicken à la King was followed by Tuna Pâté. Bite after bite, rich little moments of food ran into one another as if to create a kaleidoscope of tastes and textures, or a polychromatic fantasy that ended in a Taj Mahal made of chicken and tuna. I ate it silently, focused. Alternating bites of sliced and pâté, I savored the experience as one might a firm scratching behind the ears or a midnight stroll after finding the pet door open.

Watch out for other advertorial, though. Mittens has shown up giving interviews and been spotlighted on foodie sites for people. But we’re not too concerned about the integrity of cat food reviews–at least not in the case of a fairly health-oriented brand lie Purrfect Bistro. Heck, we’re even happy to link to TheCatCritic’s coupon page. It’s a fun idea and we’ll likely be checking in for other Purrfect Bistro write-ups. We know plenty of real-life food critics. We’re pretty sure that Mittens has more integrity than a few of those humans.